Join the Real Life Center and Work on the Lake

The Real Life Center was created with one purpose: to give the residents and professionals near Woodlake access to the well appointed business amenities you'd find in downtown Richmond or the West End. We love living in this area, but when you don't have a physical office to work from, it gets frustrating. All of the co-working and shared office spaces are a long drive from here, and none of them are really built with "us" in mind (and by "us" we mean "Not 19 year old hipster freelancers").

Take a look at some of the key reasons why you'd want to join us here at the Real Life Center for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Excellence. Even if it's just to get out of the spare bedroom a day or two a week, you'll find the haven we've crafted to be one where you can enjoy work, get to know your neighbors, and continue to celebrate the lifestyle you've earned here in the Woodlake area!

Membership Available for as Low as $365/year!

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convenient 24 hour access

You don't work out of an office every day, so why do you have to maintain the "9 to 5" schedule? With the Real Life Center, you don't! Come and go as you need with secured access to our workspace.

Comfortable amenities

Good coffee.

Bright lighting.

Fast Internet access.

Private break-out rooms.

We've designed this space to give you the flexibility you need so that you can do what you need and keep a smile on your face the entire time. Our amenities are designed to provide the most comfortable atmosphere available.



networking and event opportunities

You're a part of a neighborhood already - this part of Chesterfield has lots of fantastic residences build around wonderful communities. When you join the Real Life Center, you'll become part of another great group. We're likeminded business professionals and entrepreneurs with real life experience under our belts.